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Foot Locker Survey – Welcome To where you can share your thoughts about Foot Locker’s service. They want to know what you think so they can make improvements based on your feedback.

If you’ve been to a Foot Locker store recently, you can take part in the Foot Locker Customer Experience Survey on their official website, survey.

As a thank you for participating, Foot Locker will give you coupons as a reward.

So, why wait? Let’s begin by reading this post to learn all about the Foot Locker Customer Opinion Survey, its rules, and the rewards you can get.

Foot Locker Feedback Survey Details

Topics Details
Survey Name Foot Locker Survey
Rewards Get a $10 Off Coupon
Store Receipt required YES
Survey Valid 7 Days
Receipt Valid 30 Days
Survey Limit Per receipt/person

About Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey

Foot Locker Survey

If you’ve recently shopped at Foot Locker, you might be in for a pleasant surprise! You can now participate in the Foot Locker survey and have a chance to win cool prizes like discounts or coupons. It only takes five minutes, and you could get a $10 coupon.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of giving feedback and winning the “Foot Locker Survey Award.

Foot Locker Online Survey Rewards

When you finish the Foot Locker survey, you’ll get a cool reward. But to get it, you need to meet some requirements, which we’ll talk about here.

Once you complete the Foot Locker survey, you can get a reward:

  • A $10 discount voucher
  • Or 50% off on something exciting!

Rules and Regulations For

To participate in the Foot Locker survey, you need to follow these rules:

  1. You must be 18 years old or older. If you’re younger than 18, you can’t take part in the survey.
  2. You have to be a citizen of the United States or Colombia. If you’re not from these places, you can’t join the survey.
  3. You can use one code to apply only once.
  4. If you win the survey, you’ll receive an email from Foot Locker.
  5. You can’t trade the reward for money.
  6. If you work for Foot Locker or have family members who do, you can’t participate.

You need to meet these requirements if you want to take the Foot Locker survey and have a chance to win. We’ll show you the best methods to apply and win in the Foot Locker survey.

Requirements For footlocker survey at

To enter the survey and have a chance to win, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. Make sure to read and understand these requirements.

  1. The first requirement is having the Foot Locker invitation card.
  2. You also need either a smartphone or a PC/laptop.
  3. To do well in the survey, you should be able to read in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

Steps to take footlocker survey at

Here’s how to take the survey:

Foot Locker Survey

  • Choose the language you’re comfortable with.
  • After choosing the language, click “next.”
  • Use the 24-digit code on your Foot Locker receipt.

Foot Locker Survey

  • Enter the date and time you last visited Foot Locker.
  • The survey will ask about your experience. Make sure to give honest answers.
  • After finishing the survey, share your contact details so they can reach you if you win.
  • Finally, submit your feedback.
  • If you win, you’ll be notified soon and get a $10 discount coupon.

About Foot Locker survey

Foot Locker is a company known for its cool shoes and how its staff dresses. It’s based in New York and has big stores there.

Foot Locker cares about what its customers think of its shoes and services. That’s why they have customer surveys. They want customers to share how their shopping went.

Through the Guest Survey, Foot Locker wants to get honest feedback and reviews from customers to help them get even better.

Customer Support

  • Foot Locker’s Customer support number is 00 1 715-261-9708.
  • You can also contact Foot Locker customer support at their email


In conclusion, the Foot Locker Survey at provides an excellent opportunity for customers to share their feedback and experiences with the company.

By participating, you not only contribute to improving Foot Locker’s services but also have a chance to win valuable rewards.

So, if you’ve recently visited Foot Locker, don’t miss the chance to take the survey and share your thoughts. Your feedback matters, and it could lead to a more satisfying shopping experience for everyone.

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