J.D. Power Survey: All You Need to Know 2023

The J.D. Power survey is a helpful tool that companies use to make their products and services better by listening to what customers think. When people take part in the survey, they share their thoughts, and this helps companies improve what they offer and learn about how people feel about their brand.

How does the J.D. Power survey work?

The J.D. Power survey uses a set of questions that ask customers to share how they feel about a product or service. These questions usually cover important things like how good the product is, how reliable it is, if it’s worth the money, and how well the customer service is.

Customers rate their experiences on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Once everyone finishes the survey, J.D. Power takes all the answers and creates a detailed report for companies. This report shows how satisfied customers are in general and also tells them about the specific parts of the customer experience that need improvement.

j d power survey

J.D. Power Survey Details & Requirements

Purchase Required?  Yes
Type Consumer Survey
Prize Gift cards, electronics, or cash rewards.
Entry Method Online
Entry Limit One entry per survey
Location US, Canada
Survey URL jdpoweronline.com/vqs

Requirements for J.D. Power Survey

If you want to join the J.D. Power survey, here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Internet Access: You should have a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone with internet.
  2. Survey Invitation: You’ll get a special code in an invitation letter. You’ll need this code to start the survey.
  3. Willingness to Share: You should be ready to tell your thoughts and experiences about the topic of the survey.

JD Power Survey Rewards

J.D. Power doesn’t directly give rewards for taking their surveys. However, there are a few ways you might gain something:

  1. Help Improve Stuff: Your feedback can make products and services better. J.D. Power uses what you say to make reports that businesses use to make their stuff better. That way, all consumers have a better experience.
  2. Maybe Win Prizes: Some J.D. Power surveys enter you into a drawing to win prizes. These prizes can be gift cards, money, or even a new car, depending on the survey.
  3. Help Others Decide: Your feedback in J.D. Power surveys can help other people decide what to buy. This is especially useful for big purchases, like cars or homes.

How to participate in the J.D. Power survey

Here’s how to get started with the J.D. Power survey:

1. Go to the official J.D. Power Consumer Survey Portal at jdpoweronline.com/vqs.

j d power survey

2. Use the special code from your invitation letter to enter.

3. Answer the questions honestly and accurately.

4. At the end of the survey, give your contact details to join the sweepstakes.

5. Send in your survey, and you might win a prize in the sweepstakes.

About J.D. Power

J.D. Power is a well-known company that studies what customers think and do in the world. They’ve been doing this for more than 50 years and are trusted by many. They want to help all kinds of companies do better by understanding their customers and making their stuff better with customer feedback.

J.D. Power does big surveys and studies in lots of areas, like cars, healthcare, money stuff, phones, and more. They look at what millions of customers say and use that to tell us how good brands are and what’s popular. People like them because they’re fair and good at getting the facts right, and they help both companies and regular folks.

Contact Information

If you have any inquiries or need assistance regarding the J.D. Power survey, you can reach out to their support team via the following channels:

Phone: (888) 537-6937
Email: JDPower.Surveys@jdpa.com


The J.D. Power survey wields considerable influence in molding the realm of customer satisfaction and product enhancement. Through sharing their thoughts and encounters, consumers actively participate in the ongoing refinement of products and services across various sectors. J.D. Power maintains a strong dedication to safeguarding privacy and…

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