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TellHappyStar- Hardee’s Survey At

TellHappyStar is an official customer feedback survey by Hardee’s® and Carl’s Jr.® You can find it at The main reason for doing this survey is to understand how customers feel about the company’s services. After they collect feedback from customers like you, they’ll use those ideas to make things better and make customers happier.

The survey at is easy to do. They will ask you some questions about your experience, like how you liked the food, the restaurant’s atmosphere, and how the employees treated you.

It’s important to know that they only do this survey at certain times of the year. They have a schedule for it. After you finish the survey during the survey period, they will contact you at the address you provided to give you a reward. If you’ve been to a Hardee’s® or Carl’s Jr.®, don’t forget to take part in the survey!

Read this article which helps you to know Hardee’s Survey rules and requirements and also the step-by-step guide to finish it and get the Free Food Validation Code. Survey Details

Survey Name TellHappyStar Customer Survey
Survey URL
Survey Reward Hardees Validation Code for a FREE SMALL DRINK, FREE SMALL HASH ROUNDS
Legal Residents USA
Process Online
Entry Limit Unlimited
Age Limit 18+
Language English, Spanish

Why participate in the TellHappyStar Customer survey and it’s the reward? conducts a customer survey to hear what people really think about the company’s services. This feedback helps the company make its services even better and attract more customers. To do the TellHappyStar customer survey, you need to follow some steps.

Once you finish the survey, you can get a free meal at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. They’ll give you a code for this offer, and it’s valid for 30 days from the day you get it. Plus, you could have a chance to win a $1000 gift card.

So, if you want to take part in the TellHappyStar feedback survey, you can read the rules and requirements below to join in.

Tellhappystar com Customer Survey Rules

The www survey has some set rules that must be fulfilled before taking the survey. Check your eligibility

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old or older to take part.
  2. You can only use one receipt for one person to do the survey.
  3. You should be able to understand either Spanish or English.
  4. People who live in Canada, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom can do the TellHappyStar feedback survey.
  5. If you work at Hardee’s® or Carl’s Jr.® or if you’re a friend or family member of an employee, you can’t do the survey. Survey – Requirements

  1. You must have a receipt from your most recent visit to Hardee’s® or Carl’s Jr.® restaurant.
  2. You’ll need a laptop or computer with an internet connection to answer the feedback questions online.
  3. You have to do the feedback survey within seven days of your recent visit. If it’s more than 7 days, your receipt won’t work for the survey.
  4. You should be able to fill out the feedback survey form online.

How take Hardee’s® Carl’s Jr. ® Customer Survey at

  1. First, make a purchase at a Hardee’s restaurant and keep your receipt.
  2. Visit the survey website.


  1. If needed, change the language from English to Spanish by clicking on the “Spanish” link.
  2. Enter the agency number from your receipt in the provided field.
  3. Select the date and time of your visit and your age.
  4. After entering this information, click on “Start” to begin the survey.
  5. Evaluate the satisfaction factors and answer the questions about your experience as a customer.
  6. The next page will lead you to the rewards page where you can expect to see available discounts and offers.
  7. Make sure to provide comments about your service before submitting the survey.
  8. At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code. Keep this code and use it during your next purchase to enjoy discounts or special offers.

Rewards of Hardee’s survey at Tellhappystar

Where do I find Hardee’s survey code? or tellhappystar com receipt survey

The survey code for taking TellHappyStar is located at the bottom or back of the sales receipt.

  • A free small drink
  • A free small fries
  • A free small hash rounds

When you finish the Hardee’s customer survey, you’ll get a Carl’s Jr. validation code. This code lets you have a FREE SMALL DRINK and FREE SMALL HASH ROUNDS when you make your next purchase.


Pros of participating in the Tellhappystar Survey

  1. You can make your Hardee’s experience better by joining the survey.
  2. You can easily see and review the information you provide online, and you can do this before each month ends.
  3. Hardee’s Food Systems Inc. cares about what you think, so by giving your feedback and suggestions, you can help them improve their services and products.
  4. If you have a registered account and take part in the Tellhappystar survey, you’ll receive special offers, discounts, and even prizes.
  5. Your input in the Tellhappystar survey can influence some of Hardee’s policies, and you might enjoy more benefits from them in the future.

Cons of participating in the Tellhappystar Survey

  1. Don’t expect the survey to have a huge impact on the world; it’s just for feedback.
  2. If your feedback is negative, Hardee’s Food Systems Inc. might not pay much attention or care about it.
  3. You might feel disappointed if you don’t hear back from Hardee’s Food Systems Inc., the company running the monthly Tellhappystar Survey on their website.

tellhappystar com Customer survey Asq Questions

The restaurant is interested in your answers to these questions:

  1. How would you rate your overall experience?
  2. How satisfied are you with the taste of the food you were served?
  3. How long did you have to wait for your order?
  4. What did you think about the quality and quantity of the food portions?
  5. How was your experience with the services and facilities at the restaurant?
  6. What was your impression of the cleanliness inside the restaurant?
  7. How do you feel about the price and quality of the food?
  8. Can you provide details about the restaurant’s cleanliness and hygiene practices?
  9. How accurate and efficient was the service? Did it take a long time?
  10. Did you encounter any issues during your last visit?
  11. How would you describe the behavior, attitude, and professionalism of the restaurant’s employees?
  12. Would you consider coming back or recommending the restaurant to your friends and family?

Note:- Tellhappystar customer survey questions can be modified by the company without any prior notice.

About Hardee’s 

Hardee’s is a company that owns a chain of restaurants. It started back on June 23, 1960, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA. The person who started it is Wilber Hardee. The main office for the company is in Franklin, Tennessee. You can find more information on their official website,

About Carl’s Jr

Carl’s Jr. is a type of fast food restaurant company. It started on July 17, 1941, in Carpinteria, California, USA. It was founded by Carl Karcher and Margaret Karcher. You can find more about them on their official website, – Customer Service

  • Customer Service Executive Phone Number: 877-799-7827
  • Mailing Address: CKE RESTAURANTS HOLDINGS, INC. 6700 Tower Circle, Suite 1000, Franklin, TN 37067


In this article, I’ve gathered all the steps to finish a Hardee’s survey on their survey website, So, now you have all the details on how to complete the Hardee’s survey and get a promo code for great discounts.

By doing this, you can get an extra reward and a gift for giving your feedback in the Hardee’s Customer Experience Survey. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts about the Hardee Customer Survey or TellHappyStar survey, feel free to leave a comment below.

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